Mediated Divorces in Long Island

Divorces are notorious for how emotional, lengthy, and complicated they are. Of course, this is a difficult time for anyone to go through as it makes the end of a marriage and the start of a new life for both parties. A lot of the time, individuals going through a divorce want to complete the process as quickly as possible. One of the ways that a couple can avoid some of the pitfalls of a litigated divorce is by choosing to have a mediated divorce instead. This is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can allow the couple to find closure and come to a resolution that works for all involved.

Mediated divorces have a lot of benefits but they aren’t for everybody. If a couple simply cannot communicate with one another and is not willing to compromise at all, they may not find success in mediation and may be better off obtaining a litigated divorce. Those that do find success may be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Mediation allows the couple to remain out of the courtroom and they can have a divorce in a much more relaxed setting
  2. Mediated divorces are usually less expensive and less time consuming than other divorces.
  3. Couples are able to find more closure and co-parent more successfully after mediation

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