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Collaborative divorce is a popular movement in divorce options. Collaborative divorce avoids the pitfalls of litigation, saving time and money. If you are considering divorce, we strongly advise you against facing the legal system alone. Retain the immediate representation of the Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. to learn your options. We understand the laws surrounding your divorce and will help you make informed decisions regarding the dissolution of your marriage. With more than 20 years of legal experience to our names, you can be confident in our ability to represent your rights and best interests. Our firm has successfully helped thousands of individuals face their legal complexities and we are fully equipped to represent your case next.

What is collaborative divorce?

If you and your spouse are willing to work out your differences and come to a resolution by means of negotiation, collaborative divorce may be right for you. Collaborative divorce allows couples to reach agreements regarding their separation with the assistance of a team of professionals without going to court. The team of professionals may include child specialists, financial professionals and legal professionals who will work together to achieve your goals and establish your best interests.

Unlike a traditional divorce, a collaborative divorce is cost-effective and resolved in a timely manner outside of the courtroom. Each spouse will secure the representation of an experienced divorce attorney who will help them reach the terms of agreement for their divorce. From alimony or parenting plans to equitable distribution, we can help you reach an agreement that best suits your needs.

Just some of the advantages of a collaborative divorce include:

  • Your divorce will be handled in a private manner
  • All meetings will be scheduled around your availability
  • You will be completely educated about your options
  • Specialists will be available to you whenever you need them
  • It is a quick and cost-effective method for dissolving your marriage

Contact an experienced collaborative law attorney

Unlike conventional divorce procedures, collaborative divorce substantially departs from an adversarial divorce approach. We will help you focus on resolving your issues rather than on winning arguments. Our legal professionals will help build a constructive atmosphere that supports your goals and best interests. In many cases, individuals find that the solutions discovered in a collaborative divorce are not those that could have been achieved in an adversarial environment. If you and your spouse are prepared to mutually agree upon a divorce settlement, collaborative divorce may be the right avenue. To learn more about collaborative law, contact the Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. We are proud to offer each prospective client a free case evaluation. Schedule your appointment today!