Child Custody Mediation

Child Custody Mediation in Suffolk County

We Prioritize The Future Well-Being Of Your Family

If you and your spouse are facing a child custody dispute, we strongly advise you to secure the assistance of a Suffolk County child custody mediator. When parents separate, there are numerous changes that will occur in the family. Both the parents and the children will likely face many questions and concerns regarding the future well-being of the family. At the Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. we are proud to offer effective child custody mediation services that give parents the opportunity to resolve parenting plan disagreements in a peaceful environment. With the help of our mediation professionals, you can establish how responsibilities will be shared. To know more about the mediation process and our services, contact The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. for a consultation.

Child custody mediation process

If you are facing a child custody dispute, the mediation process is required. Even if there is no dispute, we strongly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity as it could have a positive effect on the future of your family. Our mediator will ask specific questions to develop a comprehensive understanding of the history of your family. We desire to help you create a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your child. To do so, we will discuss the developmental needs of your children and help you build the most effective plan possible.

Some of the topics that we will address include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Who has legal custody of the child
  • Who has physical custody of the child
  • What holiday and vacation schedules will look like
  • How the child will be transported to and from locations

Mediation may enable you and your ex-spouse to do the following:

  • Build a parenting plan that best suits the needs of your child
  • Build a parenting plan that allows your child to spend time with each parent
  • Resolve arguments and deal with anger and resentment towards your ex-spouse
  • Change or determine the primary residence of your child
  • Establish parenting relocation proposals

Helping you obtain the peaceful resolution you deserve

For many divorcing parents, child custody and visitation rights are the most difficult issues to resolve. We understand that you are feeling uncertain and insecure about the future stability of your parent-child relationship. You can be confident in our ability to work with you and your ex-spouse to protect your parental relationships both during and beyond your divorce challenges. In addition, we work with single parents who need assistance defining and enforcing their parental roles. Do not risk taking your case to court as you may be forced to give up a great deal of control. The judge will determine what solution is in the best interest of your child and you will not have any say in the arrangement.

Unlike taking your case to court, mediation is a cost-effective means for you and your ex-spouse to achieve your goals and reach an effective parenting plan. This excellent alternative will allow you to come to a mutually acceptable solution through focused and constructive negotiation facilitated by our skilled mediator. We understand that not every child custody issue is suitable for mediation and we are prepared to aggressively advocate on your behalf in court.

Contact experienced Long Island Mediators

Before you commit to a courtroom battle, review your mediation options. You may find that this alternative suits your needs and the needs of your loved ones best. Avoiding litigation can save you time, money, and the emotional effects on the family. Our firm has over 20 years as an established mediation practice. For more information, contact The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.