Suffolk County Post-Judgment Attorney

Representing NY clients after a divorce is finalized

When a divorce is complete, orders handed down by the court must be followed. It is imperative that you do as the court mandates or you could face further legal issues. Though a court makes decisions in an equitable fashion, they cannot see into the future. Courts understand their limitations to make decisions on the facts in front of them and are open to requests for modifications. Furthermore, courts are available to help if one party ignores an order and the other needs help to enforce it. The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel has over 20 years of experience helping clients through post-judgment legal actions. If you need quality legal support to guide you through the request for a modification or enforcement of a court order, contact The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. for a consultation to discuss your legal matter. We understand how important post-judgment actions can be and we will work tirelessly to help you come to a positive conclusion.


New York courts are open to hearing requests for modification of a court order, including child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, and other matrimonial matters. The legal standard for a court to grant a request for modification is high. A person must establish an unforeseen, ongoing and substantial change in circumstances that overwhelmingly convinces the court to change the order. Some factors that can lead to a change in alimony includes illness, loss of job, a change in dependency, and more. Child support can change because of a change in the custody arrangement, income, and unexpected loss of employment. Child custody can change if there is a sudden change in work schedule, health conditions of the parents or child, an exposure to dangerous third parties, and more. It is important to retain quality legal support through this process.


When a party does not follow a court order, they can be held accountable for their actions. If a party needs help because the other ex-spouse is not following the direction of the court, it is important to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Our firm can help you file an enforcement order, also known as a violation petition, asking the court to intervene. When it comes to financial issues, like spousal maintenance and child support, there are many ways in which the court can help, including wage garnishing. When a child custody arrangement is being violated, the court can change the structure or impose sanctions on the parent. In some cases, a court even decides to hold the party in contempt of court.

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When you need a helping hand, The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. is ready to serve. Our firm has over 20 years of experience representing clients facing post-judgment legal matters, including requests for modification and filing enforcement orders. Legal matters may not end when the divorce is over and we are here to guide you through these tough situations. For a free consultation, contact The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. today.