Client Testimonials

I hired Susan to represent me in a divorce matter where I was fighting for custody and to limit my wife's equitable share of our assets. I won custody of our son, kept the marital residence, kept my professional practice, kept my building and paid less than half to my wife. This was after a long-term marriage. She could persuade the court that equitable is not equal and sometimes the man does deserve to win!


I hired Susan to represent me in Family Court where my ex-husband was seeking to hold me in contempt of court. She filed a cross petition for sole custody and for increased support. When we went to court, she convinced the Referee that my husband was not telling the truth and had unresolved hostility toward me and that he was using our daughter to hurt me. The Referee was so angry with him that my husband's attorney withdrew his petition. Then Susan was able to accomplish something I had been requesting for years: counseling. Well counseling worked. My ex-husband has not been causing problems. One more thing, I remembered crying on Christmas eve due to the overwhelming stress. I called Susan and she actually called me back from her house a few minutes later. You could hear her family in the background. What a great person and lawyer.


Susan represented me in connection with 2 criminal proceedings brought on by my wife, 2 family court proceedings and my divorce proceeding. She conducted three trials and got all charges against me dismissed. She backed my spouse into a corner until I, the man, wound up getting custody of our daughter. She substantiated my pre- marital claims and got me a fair share of equitable distribution. This had been a night mate that I could not have gotten through without her. She gives her clients her cell phone number and tells them to text if there is an issue. When I texted her, she always got back to me. When I was in jail at 3:00 am she got back to me. She has a very knowledgeable paralegal and a polite assistant. I never really needed to deal with them often though because I had a direct line to Susan. He fees were super fair too. She didn't charge me for much of her time and when I ran out of money she didn't stop working on my case. I made a plan and a commitment to her which I honored. She is by far the smartest and most knowledgeable attorney I know. (As a young adult, I had several). Never was I afforded a direct line to an attorney. I am grateful for having met her. She changed my life.


I had nothing but a great experience with Susan as my attorney! She is so generous, helpful, trustworthy and is always there for her clients. It was hard enough to go through a divorce with two young children but Susan reassured me and always made sure I was well informed on my case. She would always return my calls and she even gave me her cell phone number to contact her at any time I needed. Both her assistant and paralegal were tremendously helpful to me with information on my case and they were always so kind and patient. I'm so thankful that my friend refereed me to her as I will recommend her as well to anyone that needs an attorney!!!!


I first must say that I had been represented by two prior attorneys both of whom had simply taken my money and left me nothing to show for it in my custody case. They kept telling me what they were doing for me but I found out they were lying. Susan on the other hand had gotten me temporary custody and support for my children and myself within two months of hiring her. I cannot say enough about her.


I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Susan and her staff for all their help and support! They were all very accommodating, understanding, professional and always made me feel like their top priority! I know many attorneys can be very busy and have several cases but Susan and her staff were always ready with information on my case. Susan wasn’t one to charge me a high retainer unlike a few of the other attorney's I contacted before her. She was reasonable and kept the cost down on my bills every month. It was so great being able to call her office and be able to speak with her that very same day. I was very impressed with her and her staff and was thankful that she was able to win my case so quickly! Thank you so much to everyone at the office again! Especially Susan! You were like my guardian angel!


After talking to a few other attorneys, I hired Susan to represent me in my divorce and custody dispute. I was reluctant to go with her because she was the cheapest out of all the other attorneys I met with, but I'm so glad I did. I am 100% positive no one else would have done such a great job with my case as Susan and her staff. Her work is quality, her staff is reliable and her character is honorable. There is no better feeling than working with someone you can trust and from my experience I will trust her with any future cases or questions.


I hired Attorney Susan Kassel to represent me in what I thought would be an easy divorce. After 7 years being married to a psycho, in an abusive marriage, no children, and a husband who refused to work, or so I thought, I filed for Divorce. My ex claimed that he was disabled due to his diabetes and could not work, His attorney filed for alimony for his client, believing that he was not working. I was so distraught! But, Attorney Kassel took control of my case and kept me informed and calm. The first thing she did, after filing, was to hire a private detective to follow him. The private detective filmed him working in construction replacing the roof of a house. He also filmed him going in and out of a motel on several days with a woman who turned out to be his cousin's wife. Attorney Kassel knows every angle of the law and is always very prepared and ready to fight for you in court. When she presented all the videos, and the private detective as witness, to court, my ex-husband's attorney was mortified and retracted the request for alimony and gave up contesting the divorce. The judge granted the divorce with no alimony. Not only is she a gifted attorney, but she can read people very well. She saw through the other attorney's plan and blew holes in every argument. In addition, she was able to have the judge issue a restraining order for my ex-husband to stay away from me. Susan will always have your back, and she knows the law and professionally litigates on your behalf. She helped me put the pieces of my life back together again by helping me get my divorce from a borderline psycho, and have the judge order him to stay away. I HIGHLY recommend that you hire Susan. No divorce is friendly. When it turns ugly you want to be the one to have Susan Kassel representing you in court.


I was scared about filing for divorce from my husband after only 5 years of marriage. I heard nothing but horror stories from people about how expensive and how they got screwed by their attorney's. I finally got the nerve to make appointments with a couple of attorneys and out of all of them she was the only one that made me feel comfortable and didn't try to pressure me into anything. I finally decided to more forwarded with my life and retained her services 2 months later for divorce. She helped me so much through the worst time of my life by just answering my questions, being upfront and honest with me and walking me through the whole process. I can't thank her enough for everything she did for me.


I consulted with and immediately hired Mrs. Kassel after being referred by a friend. Since the business my husband and I built was primarily a cash business, I was reluctant to proceed with my divorce fearing my children and I would suffer financially. I thought there would be no way to prove his approximate $750,000 per year income and it would be probable that I would lose everything. After that first meeting, I knew I was sitting with someone who would fight for what I worked hard for over the past few decades. I am so thankful that I retained Mrs. Kassel's services. My divorce is now final and my children and I will both receive the financial support we need to move on with our lives. We were able to keep the home they are growing up in and I was able to retain partial ownership in the business I helped to grow into what it is today. A seemingly hopeless situation has turned out to be what was best for my children and I have Susan Kassel to thank.


I had a very difficult case where I had already burned through two attorneys who were unable to get me custody of my children and complete my divorce. Susan was able to rapidly work out an agreement and not let it just malinger on like my previous experiences. She was also considerate of my financial situation unlike all of the other lawyers I had spoken to. I highly recommend her if you want complete and caring service with an in-depth knowledge of the law. EXCELLENT!


I want to take the time to express my gratitude to my attorney Susan Kassel. Her expertise was exceptional and the compassion and understanding she should me through a most difficult time was outstanding. All my questions were answered and I always received a return call if she was in Court and unable to take my call immediately. She was always prepared and helped me to receive the best outcome for myself and my children. I would recommend her to anyone. It is hard enough to go through a divorce but Susan Kassel made the transition easier. She is an excellent attorney and I was proud to have her as my attorney.


I retained Susan a year ago for a custody of my son. One of the main reasons I decided to retainer her for my case was that she was the only one to give me her personal cell phone number so I could contact her with any questions I had and that was even before I had retained her! I met with several other attorneys that tried to rush me out of their office and then that they wouldn't' be able to answer any more questions for me until I retained...


My husband and I hired Susan Kassel to obtain custody of our grandson. She is wonderful. She answered all of our questions and concerns. Susan is professional and an attorney who cares about people. Susan prepared and filed the documents for us to obtain Custody and completed our case in a very short period of time. We now have custody of our grandson. I highly recommend Susan Kassel. She is an excellent attorney!


I hired Ms. Kassel for a family court matter. She was never too busy to explain things and always got back to me to answer questions. She is a great attorney. I would highly recommend Ms. Kassel.


After being in an abusive marriage for nearly twenty years, I met with Susan Kassel not knowing what to expect and afraid for myself and my children. Upon meeting her, I felt reassured and confident for the first time in years. I hired her that day. Throughout the entire process, she always took the time to talk to me and alleviated all my anxiety. She was bright, articulate and compassionate. I was proud to have her represent me and I highly recommend her.


Susan did exactly what she said she'd do, she made sure I ended up with custody of my two sons. Hire her, without a second thought. You're in great hands! Thank you Susan (and Alicia)!


I recently took my ex to court who was trying to stop me from seeing my daughter. I checked out 3 different lawyers who all told me "you have a get out of jail free card, walk away" and then I met Susan, she sat down listened to me, was compassionate handled everything, went the extra mile and got me everything I asked for. Joint custody, more time with my daughter, daily phone calls and more. This woman is amazing! she made it feel like my mother was there fighting for me. She is worth every penny! She my lawyer for life now.