Moving out of state with a child

When parents in New York State get divorced, they are often faced with a difficult custody matters. A lot of times, one parent has greater custody than the other, making them the custodial parent. When the custodial parent wishes to move out of state with the child, it is often a source of concern for the noncustodial parent because they may fear that they will strain their relationship with the child further.

If a custodial parent wishes to move out of state they will be required to request permission from the noncustodial parent. When the noncustodial parent is opposed to the move, the matter may find itself in court. The court will always rule in the child’s best interest and therefore, will have to take a number of different factors into consideration regarding the move. Some of the factors that will be considered when the court is determining whether a custodial parent should be able to relocate with the child include the following:

  • The reason the custodial parent requests the move
  • The reason the noncustodial parent opposes the move
  • The change in the quality of life for the parent
  • The change in the quality of life because of move
  • The bond with each parent
  • The impact of the move on the relationship with extended family members
  • The impact of the move on the relationship with the noncustodial parent
  • The disruption to the child’s social and academic life

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