Violation Petitions in New York State

People in New York often find themselves having to address certain matters in the family court system when they can’t resolve issues on their own. No matter the issue, when the court makes a decision for the other parties, it is legally binding. This means that all parties are required to follow the provisions of the ruling. If one of the parties involved fails to abide by the court’s decision, they may find themselves in serious trouble.

If the other side is not receiving court-ordered spousal maintenance, child support, or child custody time, among other things, they may want to know how they can enforce the order. First, the individual should try to resolve the matter on their own. This may be done by requesting help from one’s attorney, as well as just trying by themselves. However, if and when this is not successful and the individual continues to violate the court’s order, it may be time to ask for the court’s intervention.

New York State refers to enforcement orders as Violation Petitions. This is what should be filed when an individual wishes to request the court for help when another party is violating the initial order. If you have questions about enforcing a court order in New York State, contact our firm today.

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