The Importance of Updating a Will After Divorce

Often, a married individual plans their estate and drafts their will with their spouse in mind. In many cases, most of the individual’s belongings are granted to their spouse upon death, as well as anyone else that may have been included as a beneficiary in the will. Of course, this can be a major issue in the event that the married couple gets divorced. As a result, it is tremendously important for a divorcing couple to update their estate plans during the divorce process. Our firm is experienced in practicing not only divorce and family law but also estate planning. The Law Offices of Susan A. Kassel, P.C. can ensure that one’s estate is protected from a former spouse after the divorce. This can grant significant peace of mind to an individual so they do not have to fear that even if they pass away decades after the divorce took place, their former spouse is a beneficiary.

It is important to reassess one’s estate plan any time relationships change significantly. While this does include divorce, it also should be remembered if a child or another family member becomes estranged at some point after the estate plan was initially drafted.

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