Alternative Dispute Resolution in New York

Divorce is a very difficult and emotional time for many couples. In a lot of cases, they want to avoid the pitfalls of the courtroom and they want to finish the divorce in an effort to move on to the next chapter of their lives as easily as possible. One way that many couples approach divorce today is through Alternative Dispute Resolution. This allows a couple to peacefully resolve the matters of their divorce and reap many benefits that this option offers.

There are several different methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, some of which include the following:

  • Mediation, which allows the spouses to meet together with their respective attorneys as well as a mediator that will allow them to work through the various terms of the divorce
  • Arbitration, which uses an arbitrator instead of a judge to complete the divorce process
  • Neutral evaluations, where a neutral expert can submit a recommendation to the court regarding any contested matters in the divorce
  • Collaborative divorce, where the couple hires attorneys and experts to guide the couple through the terms of their divorce

Alternative Dispute Resolution is often a great way for a couple to take control over their divorce. If you have questions about divorce options, contact our firm today.

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