What Not to do in a Divorce

Divorce is challenging, to say the least. It can feel like an uphill battle, especially if you and your spouse cannot agree on fair terms, which happens all too often. If the emotional stress that accompanies divorce wasn’t enough, you may have several financial issues on your mind as well. Will you have to leave the house? Can you keep the kids? These are all serious questions that require lots of time and effort to address.

These issues, unfortunately, can be magnified if your spouse refuses to negotiate, compromise, or cooperate, which is why divorces very often turn tense, or even hostile. However, the most important thing you can do throughout the process is to keep cool, collected, and ready to do business. The wrong attitude, or the wrong actions, may be all it takes to lose out in a divorce. Please read on to learn about what you should avoid doing when getting a divorce.

Can text messages or social media posts be used as evidence in divorce court?

Text messages are frequently used as evidence in divorce court, because, the truth is, they are a fantastic source of information. Texts can be used to prove affairs, lies, or even outright threats. If you threaten your spouse either through text or social media, you may be labeled as violent or abusive, even if you are not a violent person and simply sent an angry message in the heat of the moment. The bottom line: limit texting, and definitely avoid social media until your divorce is final.

Can I hide money before or during a divorce?

Never hide money during a divorce. While you may think you’re simply protecting what’s yours, you are actually opening yourself up to a slew of potential legal consequences in the future. If caught, the court may see you as sneaky, underhanded, and therefore undeserving of the money.

What about my kids?

However you raise your children is, of course, up to you. That being said, the only thing you cannot do is badmouth your ex to your children during or after the divorce process. The person you are badmouthing is still their parent who they need to be there and support them as much as they need you. This is why it is always best to stay civil and on the same page as far as parenting goes, if at all possible.

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