What is the Most Popular Time of Year to File for Divorce?

While every divorce is different from one another, research suggests there is a specific time of year that spouses choose to file. Typically, divorce rates go down when it reaches the end of the year. In turn, they tend to spike at the beginning of the year. This has caused the month of January to be referred to by some as “Divorce Month.” Those going through a divorce should contact a skilled New York divorce attorney for assistance during this difficult time. 

Why is January a Common Time to File for Divorce?

In 2019, a Google Trend search for the word “divorce” showed that it was most popular from January 6 to January 12. As many know, the new year is often a catalyst for significant change in people’s lives. They usually set resolutions in order to get rid of bad habits and start the year with a new beginning. This is reflected in terms of divorce, as many unhappy spouses vow to get out of their marriage in the new year in order to better their life. This leads to many filings in January.

In many cases, spouses wait until the new year to file for divorce because they do not want to ruin the holiday season. There are many expectations that come with this time of year, including happy memories. If spouses do not feel as if these expectations are met, they may choose to finally file for divorce when the season is over. In addition to this, couples who have children together usually want to hold off in order to give their family one last holiday season together before their life changes. 

Other Common Times to File

Research also shows that people file for divorce in the summer months of July and August as well. This spike is usually due to the fact that parents want to end their marriage before their kids begin a new school year. Doing so allows them a chance to find a new home in another town or state if they wish to do so. This ensures they are able to move their child to a different school district as well instead of uprooting them in the middle of the school year. 

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, it is important for you to not be influenced by any outside factors such as statistics for filing. The choice to file is a difficult and personal matter that should only be done when you are ready to leave your marriage for yourself. If the time is right for you, contact a compassionate divorce attorney today.

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