What should I know about an Order for Visitation?

Parenting is often a very difficult and emotional matter when it comes to custody. Sometimes, the court will determine that one parent is “unfit” to parent and will award the other parent sole custody. In these situations, the noncustodial parent may want to find a way to maintain a relationship with their child. In order to do so, they may want to consider requesting an Order for Visitation.

An Order for Visitation can be requested by a parent, a grandparent, and a sibling. It is important to note that other relatives such as an aunt, uncle, cousin, or stepparent are not eligible to request an Order for Visitation under New York State law.

It is important that even if a parent does not have any custody, you consider what this means about the future of your relationship with your child. Just because a parent does not have custody doesn’t mean that they should give up on pursuing a meaningful relationship with their child because they do still have rights as a parent. An Order for Visitation can allow a parent to spend some time with their child. In some cases, the visits may have to be supervised depending on whether the court believes that the parent may be a risk. The court will always act in the best interests of the child.

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