How is mediation beneficial?

Making the decision to get a divorce is a difficult one. Couples are not only dealing with their inner emotional turmoil, but they have marital issues, such as custody arrangements and alimony, to decide. With all these stressful decisions, it can be hard to let a judge make these important decisions for you and your family. During mediation, couples can make these decisions for themselves. This can help avoid the stress of litigation and give them a more private setting to talk about such sensitive issues that can have a big impact on their life going forward. The mediator involved in mediation does not have the same authority as a judge in court. Instead of making decisions for you, the mediator is present to guide the conversation to decide a final outcome for issues relating to divorce and what happens next. Couples can have the satisfaction of doing this privately, but also with their attorneys present to ensure that they are getting what they are entitled to.

Mediation can also prove to be beneficial since couples can go at their own pace. Instead of sitting through drawn-out court sessions, couples can decide on their own, which could be less time-consuming. Due to the time-consuming nature of court, this can also bring about extra attorney fees. However, mediation may not be as costly.

When children are involved in divorces, it can be an even more sensitive time. Not only are parents dealing with their own emotional turmoil, they have to worry about how the children handle the divorce as well. Instead of making matters dramatic and public in court, couples can opt for mediation to protect the children. During litigation, divorces can get unpleasant. Spouses may start to fight over certain aspects of their marriage that can cause bad feelings between one another. Mediation allows for a more amicable divorce. Parents should be prepared to work together for their children’s sake. With mediation sessions, they are already starting to work together for the sake of the children’s well-being.

What if mediation is not going well?

If you enter into mediation and realize it is not working, you have the option to end it. Whether your spouse is uncooperative or you are not getting the compromises you want, you may end the sessions. This may cause your divorce to become contested and lead it to enter into litigation instead.

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