Benefits of a prenuptial agreement

When couples are headed towards marriage, of course, the last thing they are thinking about is divorce. However, it is important to keep in mind that divorce does happen quite often so it is important to take steps to protect yourself. One way that you can do so is through a prenuptial agreement. Despite the negative stigmas attached to prenuptial agreements, they actually do have many benefits. It is best to be proactive and protect your assets before getting married so that if a divorce happens down the road, it can be expedited and less tiresome. Some of the aspects of marriage that a prenuptial agreement can address include loyalty and fidelity of both spouses, inheritances of assets, spousal support, real estate, and the appreciation of assets.

In order to make sure a prenuptial agreement is valid, you must ensure a few things are true. These include that the agreement is in writing, includes a full financial disclosure from both spouses, it is notarized, fair to both spouses, signed voluntarily by both parties, and is drafted and executed prior to the marriage. If you do not execute the prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage, it will not be valid. However, you do have the option to create a postnuptial agreement if both spouses agree to it. If you need assistance in a pre or postnuptial agreement, contact us today.

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