What New Trends in Divorce Should I Know About?

Over time, the process of divorce has changed. As the years go by, different divorce cases have certain similarities that cause trends to arise. It can benefit people to be aware of these trends, as they can impact anyone either facing a divorce, currently going through one, or went through one in the past. To learn more, continue reading below and contact an experienced New York divorce attorney for assistance with your case.

Social Media Impact

The rise of social media has caused a significant impact on people’s lives. This can be day to day as well as in a larger sense. Different social media platforms allow people to look into the lives of others in different ways. This can include keeping tabs on a former spouse after the divorce proceedings are over. When this is done, individuals often gather information on their spouse’s life to use it as leverage for different marital issues. This can include alimony payments if a former spouse retires or starts living with someone else.

Alternatives to Litigation

Many divorcing spouses wish to avoid going through litigation. Instead, in recent years, they often look for alternative dispute resolutions. This can include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce. These allow spouses to settle their marital issues through productive and healthy discussions rather than going through a trial. Often times, couples save time, money, and minimize the stress that comes with litigation.

Divorce Age

In today’s day and age, more people are finding themselves in situations of divorce over the age of 50. These cases have been coined as “gray divorces.” There are different kinds of challenges that become present in these cases as opposed to divorces with younger couples. This is because older individuals have fewer working years ahead of them, leaving them with less time to make up for financial setbacks due to the division of assets in a divorce. Estate matters must also be handled, as new medical directives and powers of attorney need to be appointed and beneficiaries should be redone as well. 

Shared Parenting Time

In the past, child custody decisions were often made in favor of the child’s mother instead of their father. Today, two-income families have become more common, making shared parenting time more common as well. While equal parenting time is usually ideal, this is not always possible. It is more likely when former spouses live close to one another.

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