What is child custody mediation?

Mediation is a way for people to solve their problems. Divorce mediation helps couples work together to make decisions regarding their marital issues. Business mediation helps partners in business work together to make decisions as well. Mediation can be useful when parties need to cooperate with one another to come to a final decision on a topic. This can prove to be a difficult process if all parties are not cooperating. However, the guidance of the mediator may be able to help the parties during this time. The mediator will act as a neutral third party to ensure that all parties are cooperating and working toward a final outcome. For child custody mediation, parents can work together with the mediator in regards to child custody matters. Whether they are unhappy with the current arrangement or simply need a change, they can work with this third party to guarantee an outcome that fits both parties.

How can this process help?

During child custody mediation, many topics will be touched on to elaborate on the current arrangement that is in place. A mediator may ask about the current arrangement, including who has physical and legal custody of the child. This can show who makes decisions for the child and who the child resides with. This may be able to give a clear depiction of how the current arrangement operates and what the flaw is in it. The mediator may also ask about any holiday or vacation schedules that each parent has set. This can help to determine who will be unable to spend time with the child at a specific time. It may also start a conversation of who gets to be with the child on Christmas and other holidays that may be important to the family. The child’s transportation method should also be determined. In order to keep a custody arrangement working, the parents need to determine how they will transport the child back and forth between each parent. This may include each parent driving to pick up the child when it is their time.

This process can be beneficial for families because they may not have to enter into litigation to have these issues solved. Instead, they can openly discuss the current situation and how changes may be beneficial for the child.

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