What Happens if my Spouse Files For Divorce Before I do?

Divorce is a challenging time in life, to say the least. However, by taking certain proactive measures, you greatly increase your chances of achieving the outcome you desire. To learn more about how being the first one to file may impact the outcome of your divorce, please continue reading and reach out to our firm when you are ready to begin.

Does it benefit me to file for divorce first?

Generally, the answer is yes. While there are several different aspects that can control the outcome of your divorce, who files first is certainly one of them. That being said, hiring an experienced, compassionate, and trustworthy attorney is one of the most important things an individual can do when entering a divorce. That being said, if your spouse files first, you may be left scrambling to hire the first attorney you meet, as you will have plenty of catching up to do. For example, if you file first, you will have allotted the necessary amount of time to assemble all the documentation and legal paperwork that you need to proceed, allowing you to then direct your focus towards other important divorce-related matters, such as creating a budget for your future.

Additionally, if your spouse files first and is currently living in a different state, you may be required to travel all the way there simply to conduct divorce proceedings. Rather obviously, this is more than a small inconvenience and is just another reason why you should file first, as long as you are ready.

Does filing for divorce first impact me financially?

By being the first one to file, you allow yourself enough time to create a budget, potentially even with the help of an experienced financial analyst, ensuring you have a comprehensive plan going forward. Also, many spouses will elect to file a Temporary Restraining Order against their spouse–though not for traditional reasons. When you file a TRO, you prevent your spouse from accessing any jointly-owned marital assets. This means that your spouse may not borrow or lend money, and may not alter any terms of your insurance, retirement, or investments.

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