What are the adoption styles I can use?

Adopting a child can be an exciting, yet stressful time for families. They are doing a wonderful act of bringing a child into their family and accepting them as their own. At this time, they should consider which adoption method they would like to use. There are different types of adopting styles that they should keep in mind. Domestic adoption is one option that people have, which involves the adoption of a child within the United States. When considering using this option as a means for adoption, families will need to review the differing adoption laws for each state.

International adoption may be a bit harder. It involves immigration services, which can cause it to become more complicated. The adoptive family has to figure out all the complexities of the child’s immigration to the U.S. They will need to understand the adoption laws of the child’s original country as well as our country.

Families may already have a child in their family that is not legally their child. If a step-parent has taken on a role in a household with a child, they may wish to acquire legal guardianship of the child. This may require the child’s biological parent to give up their rights as a parental figure, which would allow for the step-parent to take control. These step-parents could have already adapted to living a life of being a parent to the child and taken on all the responsibilities that come along with it, but this will not be made official until the adoption is legal.

When people are involved in adoption plans that do not include an agency, this is known as a private adoption. These adoptions may involve people that the new parents are already familiar with. These cases can vary depending on the desires of the couple that the child is being adopted from.

What is the adoption process like?

The adoption process can be long and tedious since it involves a lot of paperwork and could possibly involve immigration services. There are negatives and positives for each adoption style. During the process, there may be home visits in order to prove your eligibility as a parental figure and make sure the home is safe for a child to enter into. This can be a stressful time in the lives of those individuals who are wishing to adopt a child. To make sure you are prepared for the process, seek our counsel. We can assist you along the process and inform you of what to expect.

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