When does spousal support end?

In some divorces, the couple must address the issue of spousal support, which may also be referred to as spousal maintenance or alimony. Of course, many individuals who are ordered to pay spousal maintenance to their former spouse want that obligation to end as quickly as possible. One of the biggest factors that determine how long an individual will be required to pay spousal support for is the duration of the marriage. Generally speaking, longer marriages will have longer spousal support awards while shorter marriages will have shorter spousal support awards. In fact, the length of a spousal support award nearly never exceeds the length of the marriage.

Spousal support obligation length can also vary based on the reason for the award. For example, if the dependent spouse put off their education or career goals to raise a family, the other spouse may be required to provide support for them to get the necessary education that will help them get started in that career path. Once the dependent spouse becomes financially independent, the individual responsible for making payments may request that the support obligation is terminated.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different and will ultimately result in a different outcome. If you have questions about spousal support, contact our firm today.

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