Social Media Impacts New York Divorces

During any divorce, emotions run high for all parties involved. This is no surprise as a divorce is legally ending one of the most significant chapters in one’s life. Unfortunately, many people today going through emotional situations such as divorce feel the need to share their feelings about the matter on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. It is really important for an individual involved in a divorce or any legal matter to be careful about what they post online.

While ranting on Facebook may seem like a good way to de-stress, that can come back and bite them in the courtroom. No, the individuals going through divorce don’t need to take a complete social media hiatus until the end of the proceedings, they just need to be careful about what they post and what is posted about them by others. Here are a few easy guidelines to follow during a divorce:

  • Don’t post anything about an ex-spouse, an attorney, a judge
  • Don’t post anything that could portray oneself in a bad light
  • Don’t post anything about a new partner until after the divorce proceedings
  • Ask friends and family to be careful when posting about anyone involved in the divorce
  • If custody is at stake, don’t post anything to portray irresponsibility or bad parenting

A few other things that are important to note about social media include:

  • Even if a post is thought to be deleted, it can easily be screenshotted
  • Any social media or other forms of digital communication can be used as evidence in the courtroom

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