New York’s Child Support Standards Act

When parents in New York State get divorced, one of the obligations they must abide by is the financial support of their children. New York State requires parents to support their children financially until they are at least 21 years of age. The noncustodial parent is typically ordered to make child support payments to the custodial parent. In many cases, the parents will have to work together to come to a child support agreement. However, this is a frequently contested matter and may have to be determined by the court if the parents can’t decide on their own. In such situations, the court will refer to the New York State Child Support Guidelines using the Child Support Standards Act. The primary goal is to ensure that the child’s best interests are considered and that they are able to maintain the same quality of life that they had before the divorce.

When a judge has to use the Child Support Standards Act to determine an appropriate child support award, they will take a percentage of the parents’ combined income. The guidelines are only applicable to parties with individual incomes up to $80,000. The percentages are as follows:

  • One child: 17 percent
  • Two children: 25 percent
  • Three children: 29 percent
  • Four children: 31 percent
  • Five or more children: at least 35 percent

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