What should I know about mediation for child custody?

Going through a divorce is a very emotional process to begin with, but even the mere idea of no longer being able to see your child every day can push a person over the edge. There are a lot of different situations where two parents both want full custody of the children but it is simply not going to happen. Many times, custody will be shared between two parents unless one parent has been deemed “unfit” by the court to have custody of the child and may instead be granted supervised visitations.

Child custody is often one of the most disputed topics during the divorce process and can quickly turn an uncontested divorce into a contested divorce. If your custody matter becomes contested, you may be required to go through mediation to resolve your matter. During the mediation process, you may want to discuss matters such as legal and physical custody of the child, whether the children will spend certain holidays and school vacations with one parent and not the other, and how the child will get from time with one parent to time with the other.

It is important that both parents work together to come up with a parenting plan that is not only suitable for the parents, but the children as well. It is important that the children have an opportunity to maintain a meaningful relationship with each parent despite the custody arrangement.

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