Can child custody arrangements be adjusted in the future?

Modifications for child custody arrangements may need to be made due to changing circumstances for parents and their children. Custody arrangements for children in divorce are legally binding orders. They must be followed by both parents. If they are not followed appropriately, a parent can file a motion to bring the case to court. This can hold the other parent accountable for their failure to follow the correct guidelines for the arrangement. For these cases, it is also important to monitor the effect that the arrangement is having on the child. Divorce can be a difficult concept for children to wrap their heads around. They will need extra care and attention from their parents to ensure that everything will work out in the end.

Can my former spouse be punished for failing to follow custody arrangements?

Since custody arrangements are considered court orders, parents have a legal obligation to follow the guidelines set forth in the order. This means that they are legally binding decisions. A judge has made a decision based on many factors on how much of the child’s time will be spent with each parent. The custody arrangements are to be followed as outlined. By failing to follow a court order, consequences can arise. If this situation is happening to you, you can file a post-judgment motion to enforce your right to the properly outlined child custody arrangement. The court then has options regarding how they should handle the case. They may find the opposing party in contempt of court since they are not following court orders. This may jeopardize their custody of the child since they are refusing to follow the appropriate order that was made.

What other marital issues can be adjusted?

During divorce proceedings, marital issues need to be decided on in the best way possible. Many factors are taken into consideration to reach a final outcome for decisions, such as child custody, child support and alimony. However, there is room for these decisions to be adjusted in the future. Since only the current circumstances can be considered to make the decision, adjustments can be considered. New circumstances can lead to a new arrangement that is more appropriate for the situation.

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