When can modifications be made to marital issues?

Once divorce is decided on, couples will have a process to go through. This process can be emotionally draining since they are ending their marriage. During these cases, spouses will have to talk about various issues to make decisions for their situation post-divorce. This can lead them to enter into court sessions to present their case for modifications. At this time, a judge can preside over the case to decide if the current circumstances warrant a change. For most of these situations, there must be a valid reason for a change. Child support can be changed due to a change in a custody arrangement, income or loss of employment. This can greatly affect a parent’s ability to pay child support to the other parent. Custody arrangements can warrant a change based on a variety of circumstances. This can include a change in a parent’s work schedule, exposure to third parties or health conditions of a parent or child. If a child is acting aggressively due to their time with one parent, this may also warrant a change. They may be acting out due to their parent’s treatment of them. These situations should be investigated. Alimony can be changed as well. This can be affected by illness, loss of job, dependency and more. For these situations, a judge should make a final decision on the matter for the couple.

What are marital issues?

Marital issues are important factors in the divorce process. They need to be resolved in order for the spouses to carry on with separate lives. These issues can include alimony and the division of assets. When children are involved in the family, marital issues can also include child custody arrangements and child support. Before a couple goes their separate ways, these issues need to be resolved so that they know what orders to follow. Court-mandated decisions need to be followed. If a spouse fails to follow the right order, they may be held in contempt of court. They can face penalties for failing to follow a court mandate regarding marital issues. Therefore, they must do so in order to avoid facing consequences after divorce decisions are made.

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