Options for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Getting divorced is often considered very emotional and difficult and is typically associated with lengthy court battles where a judge decides your fate. While divorces generally are emotional and difficult, they don’t necessarily need to take place in a courtroom and they don’t need to be a bitter fight until the very end. In fact, there are options that allow couples to make decisions for themselves and decide their own future in a divorce. Couples who wish to stay out of the courtroom and have a relatively amicable divorce may want to consider a form of alternative dispute resolution for their divorce. There are many different options for alternative dispute resolution that should be taken into consideration. Some of these options include:

  • Mediation: each spouse will retain an attorney and will work together as a team to resolve contested matters of the divorce
  • Arbitration: this is similar to a courtroom process where an arbitrator replaces a judge and the process is much less formal than typical courtroom proceedings
  • Neutral evaluation: a neutral third party will review the couple’s contested matters and then make a recommendation to the court
  • Collaborative divorce: along with their own attorneys, the couple will work together to make decisions about the divorce. If it is unsuccessful, the couple will have to go to court and obtain new counsel

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