How is mediation different than litigation?

When couples are considering their options for divorce, they will often wonder what the difference is between the options. Two of the most common means of divorce are mediation and litigation. Despite their similar popularity, they could not be more different as far as methods for getting divorced go.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that has been growing in popularity over the years. This method of divorce will require the couple to look past any animosity they have towards one another and work together to reach the common goal of coming to an agreement and finalizing the divorce. Mediation requires a lot of communication between the two parties, especially when matters are contested. This form of divorce often takes place outside of the courtroom and allows the couple to make decisions for themselves.

Litigated divorces are very different than mediated divorces. In this method of divorce, the couple will have a judge make decisions on contested matters for them. Litigated divorces often take longer and are more expensive than mediated divorces. However, some couples simply aren’t able to work together and decide on matters for themselves so litigation may be the best option for them.

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