High Net Worth Divorces in New York

When a couple gets divorced in New York State, they will have to face a number of very complicated matters. It seems as though when a couple has a lot of money and assets together, the divorce process is more complicated. High net worth divorces have so much on the line, including over a million dollars worth of combined assets and finances. Therefore, it is crucial to have the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney that knows how to handle these affairs.

The reason that high net worth divorces are so different from other divorces is because these individuals often have more real estate property and investments that can make the process of dividing assets much more complex than the average divorce. It is important that both spouses include a full financial disclosure and are truthful about their finances. If something appears as a financial red flag, a forensic investigator may want to dig deeper into the couple’s finances and expose them to additional legal problems, especially if the Internal Revenue Service gets involved.

Often, high net worth couples have executed a prenuptial agreement, which can actually make the divorce process move more quickly.

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