Enforcement Orders in New York

When a court makes a decision regarding a matter of divorce or family law, that decision is legally binding. If one or more parties fail to abide by the court’s order, they will face serious penalties. Court order violations are rarely a victimless crime. Often, parents are denied parenting time or child support by the child’s other parent. There may also be situations where one party fails to make the spousal maintenance payments they were ordered to make by the court, which can cause serious financial suffering by the recipient party. In order to hold individuals accountable when they violate court orders, New York State has created an enforcement petition, which is also commonly referred to as a violation petition.

If the court can establish that a party was willfully neglecting to follow the court order without legitimate purpose, they will face serious penalties. Some of these penalties can include wage garnishment, passport denial, an order to pay a lump sum of all funds owed, a change in custody, and even a warrant for the individual’s arrest. If you have been the victim of someone who is willfully violating a court order, you should consult with an experienced family law attorney today. Our firm can help you find justice during this difficult time.

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