Does the Length of my Marriage Affect my Divorce?

Sometimes, marriage is difficult, though divorce can be even more so. If you going through the divorce process, you most likely have several questions, such as who will keep the house, how you’ll support yourself financially, and more. Unfortunately, all this comes at an especially emotional time in your life, making financial and legal complications all the more stressful.

When couples get divorced and they cannot agree on its terms regarding key issues such as child custody, spousal support, child support, and more, their divorce will enter the litigation process. Unfortunately, when divorces enter litigation, both spouses’ assets may be subjected to equitable distribution. Simply put, “equitable distribution” means that the courts will divvy you and your spouse’s marital assets as they see fit. While the goal is to create a fair, balanced split, many spouses feel as though they received the “short end of the stick,” so to speak.

The courts will consider many factors when determining who gets what, including you and your spouse’s age, your financial standing, the number of children you have, and more. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of the court’s final decision is actually the duration of your marriage. Read on to learn how the length of your marriage can impact the outcome of your divorce:

Will the length of my marriage decide who can keep the house?

Generally, long-term marriages result in a greater amount of marital assets going to the dependent spouse. Long-term marriages are considered 10 or more years. Shorter marriages, on the other hand, tend to result in more of a 50/50 split, especially if both spouses were working while married.

Will the length of my marriage determine alimony payments?

Financially dependent spouses in long-term marriages will generally receive longer periods of alimony payments than spouses in short-term marriages. However, there are always exceptions, as a number of other factors come into play. Hiring an experienced attorney can maximize your chances of receiving the alimony payments and marital assets you need to uphold your overall quality of life.

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